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Hello dear mam/sir

I am Manocher Masori, I am Saeed Masouri´s cousin and he is in great danger right now.  I am going to replay the letter I send to Amnesty International in London.

You have a contract with Iran recently one of your conditions is that The Islamic Republic Of Iran should follow human rights. In Saeed´s case they didn’t, he did not have the right to choose his own lawyer. The state gave him a religious lawyer, whom did not defend him right because the lawyer did not even see his case. Now security police in Iran are pushing him to either talk in national televisions about good things about the regime or they will go on with his death penalty. Saeed has refused to do such a thing so now he has a death penalty soon.   

Now I am asking you to help us by using your contacts with the regime in Iran and demand  to stop Saeed`s death penalty. As you said in your contract Iran has to follow the human rights now they must show not only us but also you that they can follow human rights by not executing Saeed.

                                                                                                 Manocher Masori

                                                                                                 Stockholm  Friday, June 21, 2002